Art “FOR” Living

Art OF “FOR” Living!!!

Art…source of expressions, inner strengths, or maybe weakness, motivation. Some say it connects to your soul, some say it connects you to your heart.

But beyond hobby, interest, or any thing else, what I saw was Art served a source for living too.

This might be very common but there was something very unique I confronted this week. When I was travelling back from my home from train, I encountered a boy, maybe 10-11 years old, belonging to a poor family (as appeared from his ragged clothes), who was singing a song in his regional language. You might be thinking what is so special about that?. The specialty lied in his passion and the way he was supporting his song with background music. He carried two pieces of ceramic tiles (the ones used to decorate house walls). These pieces were supposedly the leftovers he found in garbage. With one hand he was hitting these pieces together, playing some sort of tick tick sound, but that too rhythmic. He was doing this to earn some money. he kept playing the tiles and sang his song, continuously asking the passengers to give him some money in return to his efforts he did to entertain them.

He himself might not know about his talent, but at least he is able to use it. As many poor kids are forced to beg on streets. Yes its a big question that why are children not educated and have to go out to earn?. I wanted to know more about him, but could not approach him. I could just see him get vanished in the crowd, carrying with him the hopes of getting money by selling his “Art for living”.




Aaj raat ghar mein roshni kuch jyada hai,

Karvaton se aankhon mein kuch likhne ka irada hai.

Dur hai abhi mera khuda mujhse,

Ho gyi hu jaise juda khudse.

Darr lagta hai yu akele jeene mein,

Dil rota hai mera yu hi seene mein.

Maa Papa, na choda karo mujhe akela aise,

Abhi bhi hu me wahi apki choti bachchi jaise.

Roshni ki hai jyada sirf raat ke darr se,

Aankhein kar rhi hu band apke aane ki ummeed bhar se .

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Maa – Papa



Aai me jab is duniya me, bahut roi thi…

Thi khushi ki nami teri bhi aankhon me.

Is pal ke intezar me, tu bhi kaha theek se soi thi…

Nau mahine ka sabar jo tune kiya,

Papa ne badli apni aadatein…

Kabhi bane ghodha, kabhi kaandho pe apne liya.

“Maa” tha wo pehla shabd mera…

Roz yahi suna, to papa ne kaha…

Keh de ek baar pyar se “Papa”, me bhi to hu tera.

Apki di hui seekh se, dheere dheere badi hui…

Aap to sada mere saath rahe,

Per mujhe khud se dur kiya, tabhi to me apne pairo pr khadi hui.

Kehte ho kar doge, vida ek din mujhe…

Ho jaoge apni jimmedariyon se mukt,

Per me to hu teri wahi chhoti beti, jisne rote hue kabhi hasaya tha tujhe…

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I am a GIRL…


sad alone love true love cute girls missing waiting

I am a girl, very very simple…

Yes, I am afraid of getting a pimple!!!

I want to look good, not to impress.

Just let go of it, use your mind less.

The more you think, you’ll create a mess.

What’s so special, if you are a boy???

Making me cry, is all you enjoy.

Don’t play with me, I am not your toy.

This world is a place, where I live with fear…

You worship in temples, ringing bells I can hear.

Whenever I am alone, you want to come near.

Who gave you birth, its me dear.

When I get old, you show me no care.

Just leave me alone. to wander here and there!!!

Give me love, I am a daughter.

Show me respect, I am a mother.

Just this much I need, why don’t you even bother???

Hurt me, abuse me, you think that’s fun?


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Yes..Love it is!!!


cute-love it is.

Like the sun shining in morning, I find his sparkling smile.

Waking me up, motivating me to walk more mile.

Yes it is.

Like the bird singing, i find his voice calling my name,

Shaking me up, giving me all the possible fame. it is.

Like the ocean blue, i find his touch gently cared,

Freshening me up, all my feelings that i want to be shared.

Yes.. Love it is.

Like the morning breeze, i find his breath so soft and warm.,

Making me up, giving me reason to live and all my charm.

Yes it is..and you are my love..

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Ek Wo hai…



Ek wo hai, ek mein hoon…

Wo gar ishq hai, to pyar mein bhi hoon.

Yaad hai mujhe, wo hamara saath rehna,

Wo chhupke milna, kuch na keh kar bhi bahot kuch kehna.

Yaad hai mujhe, wo tere kiye waade…

Sapne jo saath dekhe, kuch pure or kuch jo reh gye aadhe.

Yaad hai mujhe, wo teri masoom baatein…

Aankhon mein neend, par tere sapno me jaagi raatein…

Badal gya hu me, ya zamane ne badla tujhe.

Ye rasmein ye rivaze, kyu yaad na aya us waqt mujhe…

Gar saath rehna mumkin nahi, saath nibha bhi nahi paunga…

Par jaate jaate ek or waada tujhse krke jaunga.

Pyar jo kiya tha tujhse, wo na hoga kabhi bhi kam…

Khuda se kahunga, bhej de ek farishta tere liye, jo khushi de or lele tere saare gum…

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Nice one!!!


Saloni dhundhti hai, is shehar me apne hone ki wajah…

Wo aai thi yahan, is anjaan shehar me, sirf ‘uske’ liye…

Warna wo to reh rhi thi kahin dur, sirf apne liye….

‘Uske’ pyaar ke liye hi to aai thi Saloni, apna sab kuch peechhe chhod kar…

Naye rishtey banaye the Saloni ne, shaadi kar ke,

‘Uske’ apno ko apnaya tha usne, shaadi kar ke,

‘Uske’ sapno ko apna baya tha usne, shaadi kar ke…

Fir kya thi wajah, ‘uski’ be-rukhi ki…

Wo dhundhti hai, ‘uski’ khud-garzi ki wajah…

Mana ki duniya bahut matlabi ho gyi hai, 

Per aaj bhi, wo dhundhti hai, ‘uski’ khud-garzi ki wajah…

Kya koi majburi this ‘uski’, ya ‘usne’ kabhi chaha hi nhi saloni ko…

Bachpan se hi jinda dil thi wo, usne aaj bhi apne dil ko marne ni diya…

Bas is umeed me jee rahi hai, ki shayad kabhi to ‘wo’ uske pyaar ko…

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